Monday, July 03, 2006


Decorative Pillows For Pizzaz

by: Patricia Bowlin

Decorative pillows can add just the right touch to any room in your home. Whether you choose the bedroom, living room, den, or office, you will find many places that just the right pillow that is decorative as well as practical can fit into your decorating scheme.
Monotone or tone on tone decorating is all the rage today for smaller rooms.

The clean, uncluttered effective of monotone decorating schemes expands and opens up the space so that it appears much larger and more airy.
Yet monotone color schemes can end up being rather blah- without the right touches of color here and there. That splash of color can be added through the use of a brightly colored decorative pillow here and there. Even two-toned color schemes, such as the ever popular black and white, can be greatly enhanced by adding wondeful color by using decorative throw pillows in bright red, forest green, ocean blue or yellow.
Place these color accents in areas that you want to eye to travel to such as underneath your favorite print or painting, near a piece of sculpture or in a corner that would be rather dark without the added color.

Pillows that are decorative can also add a varoiety of interesting detailing and texture to a room.
Crushed velvet makes a rich feeling pillow for decorative placement. Smooth, soft suede or faux suede will be an inviting addition. Braid, tassels, interesting architectural details such as buttons or pleats add just the right touches of texture and softness to any room in your home! Simple and elegant.

Boudoir pillows or neck pillows placed on the bed or in a chair near the bed add a beautiful elegance reminiscent of days gone by.
These pillows are not only decorative; they are very useful for comforting a sore neck. You'll often find boudoir pillows in soft, smooth satin, rich velvet, lace, crochet covers and more. These can be used in a lady's bedroom but also have a place in the more masculine bedroom design.
For a less feminine look, simply select suede, leather, corduroy, denim or another masculine feeling fabric in a darker color. The man of the house will be happy to rest his tired neck on these pillows- and when not in use, they of course add a nice decorative touch.
Floor pillows are often overlooked- but are great near the fireplace or in the den.

These large comfy, cushy pillows, stacked in different colors and fabrics, can be pulled out and made into a comfortable pile of cushions for enjoying a fire and playing a board or card game on the floor. Fringed edges, piping, and buttons add detail to these pillows.
Choose sturdy construction and covers that can be zipped off for washing so that your floor pillows will be decorative and practical for years to come. Floor pillows come in a huge variety of sizes, so consider creative a stack of tapering sizes to create a colorful accent in a corner where the decorative cushions can become comfy pillows at a moment's notice. An unusual and unique touch, wouldn't you say?

Pillows that are decorative can be found in just about any price range that fits your budget. Elegant satin and silk coverings with braid and lace can cost quite a bit. Pillows that are just as decorative and colorful but made from less expensive materials can also be used if you have to stretch your decorating dollars.

One of the great things about pillows being used decoratively is that once you purchase a good quality pillow, you can recover it should you ever change your color scheme or get tired of it.
You can purchase pillow covers or make them yourself easily at home. It doesn't even require much sewing skills to put together a simple, practical, yet unique pillow cover for decorative cushions. You can also embellish a plain pillow with your own buttons, ribbons and pieces of lace. As you wear out clothes that have unique buttons, save them for just such a project.
Your friends will all ask WHERE you got that unique designer pillow that is so decorative and different!

Pillows, whether decorative or practical, need to be aired out and cleaned periodically. Depending on how much use the pillow receives, you may need to add this to your spring cleaning or do it several times per year.
When you purchase a pillow for decorative purposes, read the label to learn about cleaning instructions. Many pillows that have decorative covers that zip off can have the cover machine washed and the inner pillow form placed in a cool dryer with a dry sheet to fresh it.
Other covers must be dry cleaned and almost all pillows that don't have removable covers must be dry cleaned. It's always nice to place your decorative cushions, soft pillows and even your bed pillows outside on a warm spring day to air out in the breeze. This will bring the freshness of the outdoors right into your rooms.

Using decorative pillows make it very easy to add some instant pizzaz to your home decor!

Friday, June 23, 2006


Foam Pillows are Changing the way the World Sleeps

by: DR. Joseph J. Berke, M.D., Ph.D.

For countless people worldwide, getting a good night’s sleep on a regular basis is an elusive, if not almost impossible, goal. The causes for this malady are numerous, and could consist of overwork, stress, pain, a sleep disorder, and the list goes on. While some people may require a physician’s assistance in developing a normal sleep pattern, many Americans have found great benefit by merely changing one or more of their bedding products.

Of all the different pillows available, memory foam pillows are becoming increasingly popular. The reason for this is simple; these pillows have time and time again been proven to work miracles. Memory foam pillows are attributed for helping in the reduction of snoring, which increases sleep quality not only for the individual suffering from the condition, but for others who have to sleep in the vicinity. In addition, memory foam pillows have also been proven effective because they carefully align the body correctly in order for the sleeper to gain a quality sleep and dream pattern.

Perhaps one of the most effective memory foam pillows is the contour pillow. This pillow is designed specifically to comfortably mold to an individual’s head and neck shape, regardless of whether they prefer to sleep on their side, stomach, or back. The subtle alignment that this pillow provides allows for the opening of airway passages, therefore increasing the flow of oxygen throughout the body during sleep. This feature significantly reduces snoring and can assist those who suffer from sleep disorders in which oxygen has been found to be reduced through the relaxation of throat muscles during sleep. Another fabulous feature of this type of pillow is that it relieves pressure on the spine through the careful alignment of the head and neck. In fact, numerous people who have constant neck and back pain wake up finding that these pillows greatly reduce and even eliminate their pain.

There are a variety of manufacturers and names for memory foam pillows. Some of the more popular are Swedish foam pillows, Tempura pillows, Tempur pillows, Tempurpedic pillows, and Therapedic pillows. Some of these are made from a specific type of foam developed by Nasa. All incorporate the use of materials that are proven to comfortably and accurately align with your head and neck, as well as retaining the memory of your individual shape.

Swedish foam pillows are often categorized as being the first, and according to many people, the best of this innovative design. The majority of companies who make memory foam pillows have a variety of designs that have proven beneficial to remedying a variety of ailments; such as a cervical pillow, maternity pillow, reading pillow, and even a full-body pillow.

If you have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, or if you tend to use your arms to support your head to fall asleep, use more than one pillow, use rolled towels for head and neck support, or fold your pillow, you should consider trying one of these memory foam pillows. Countless Americans and people the world over have experienced a miraculous change in their sleep patterns after just one night of use. Changing a pillow is a small price to pay for quality sleep every night, versus struggling to fall asleep and tossing and turning the night away!

Thursday, June 08, 2006



If You do your daily activities by sitting on a chair a lot, then - This Pillow is For You!

"No back pain anymore. Just using this back support pillow, you help your muscle to relax. And of course help you to keep focusing on your work!

You see...............
This unique back support pillow, also called lumbar support pillow, is designed specially and specifically. When you are sitting on a chair, your back muscles work to keep your spine upright. There is no problem when you sit just for a moment.

But...............What happen if you sit for a long period?

Sitting for a long period creates muscle tension. Then, your back, muscle begin tired. And then your start to feel pain. Gradually, it's getting pain, pain and pain.....!

Of course..........when this happen, you can stand up and do some exercises to relax your back muscles. You feel better and sit back to continue your work. But you feel pain again. And do again some exercises. Then sit back to work. Every time you feel pain, you do some exercises.

Now, I ask you, "Do you think this is a good solution? How can you focus on your work in a such condition? Are there any better idea to overcome this problem?"

"Back Support Pillow, is the answer!"

Yes, back support pillow will help you to reduce your back pain. And in some condition, it can eliminate your pain. So, no pain anymore!

But, how can it be?

Well, when you sit on a chair, there is a gap between your natural spinal curvature and chair. And this back support pillow will fill that natural gap. So that your spine can stand in its proper position and release your back muscle tension.
Back Support Pillow
That's why this back support pillow can reduce your back pain, even heal it. So, I strongly recommend you to use this pillow every time you sit on a chair. I mean, you don't need to feel pain before use this back support pillow.

Preventing is always better than healing, isn't it?

What are you waiting for? Don't let your pain worse. Use this back support pillow right now!

Saturday, June 03, 2006



Dear Friend,
I want to ask you something…………………

“Do you always wake up in the midnight suddenly?”
“Do you always wake up in the morning with a pain in your neck or even in your shoulder and back?”

Introducing amazing memory foam pillow. A solution to beat your numerous problems in sleep.
Improve your sleep quality in every single night! And enjoy your morning with a fresh spirit to face your days.

Order This Memory Foam Pillow

Wow……really amazing!! But, wait a minute…….I’m sure that you must wonder, what kind is this memory foam pillow?
Let me explain………
This memory foam pillow is designed specifically so that fully conforming to the contours of your neck and head. And because it is temperature sensitive, memory foam mold and has a customized shaping.
Memory Foam Pillow
Memory Foam Pillow

The memory foam also works so well due to the method in which its cells operate. Memory foam cells compress fully and spread their air pressure to adjoining cells. This process in which the memory foam operates reduces the pressure points while molding to your body shape.

Amazing! I Want to Get This Pillow

And how this memory foam pillow help you?
As you know, this memory foam pillow has designed to comfortably mold to your head and neck shape. Regardless of whether you prefer to sleep on your side, stomach, or back.
The subtle alignment that this pillow provides allows for the opening of airway passage. Therefore the flow of oxygen throughout your body during sleep increasing. This feature significantly reduces snoring and can assist you from sleep disorder. In case which oxygen has been found to be reduced through the relaxation of throat muscles during sleep.
Another marvelous feature of this pillow is relieves pressure on you spine through the careful alignment of the head and neck. So, it will greatly reduce your neck and back pain and even eliminate them!

Yes, I Want to Order This Pillow Now!

So, what are you waiting for? Order this memory foam pillow now, and............

Changing your pillow is a small price to pay for a quality sleep every night, versus struggling to fall asleep and tossing and turning your night away!

Sugeng Tjokro Fendy.

Monday, May 29, 2006


Don’t Waste Your Time. Get Your Pillow Here!

Dear Friend,

I just want to share brief information here. I hope you have time to hear it.
Here, I know if you still confuse how and where to get pillows. Pillows with good quality but reasonable prices, of course!

Just Take Your Pillow Here!

Here, some pillow that you are looking for……
Bed Pillow
"CROWN ELITE" Bed Pillows
by Wamsutta

Bed Pillow
Jumbo Pillow with Amicor® Pure Fiber

Bed Pillow
Pillow by Beautyrest

Look at those pillows above. Made from high quality material. It’s feel so smooth and gentle. It’s support your head and your shoulder pleasantly so that you feel so comfortable. And all you can get with very reasonable prices!


Bed Pillow

Extra-Firm Pillow

Bed Pillow

Firm Pillow by Wamsutta®

Bed Pillow

Firm Pillow by Beautyrest
Bed Pillow

"BOUNCE" Pillow Extra Firm
Support by Beautyrest
These are some other pillows, extra firm pillow. Also available in jumbo size. Coming from top brand companies. Made from carefully selected material for durability and comfort. Pillows that can make you fall asleep and have a good quality rest all-night.

Your Firm Pillow is Waiting!

Another type of pillows……………………
Bed Pillow
Down Pillow

For you who want more than a pillow, try this down pillow. Design with special level of firmness make this pillow special. It can fulfill your need of pillow. You can enjoy your nap or your night rest. Even you can improve your quality sleep. It very good pillow I think!

And the last but not least……………………
Memory Foam Pillow
Contour Comfort Bed Pillow

Contour pillow…….or some other say : memory foam pillow. But whatever its call, it will be your favorite pillow because of level of softness and conformity. Its design specifically to comfortably mold to your head and neck shape. No matter what is your sleep position, this pillow will work well. So, why don’t you try this one? Get this pillow and enjoy a new experience in sleep!

Try This Memory Foam Pillow Now!

I just want to tell you here, that all pillows above are come from top brand companies. Come with high quality but very very reasonable prices!
So, bed pillows, extra firm pillows, down pillows, contour pillow or memory foam pillow……Which one is your choice??

Sugeng Tjokro Fendy.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Bed Pillow Buying Guide

(by: Ross Goldberg)

Most pillows come in 2 sizes: Standard and King. King size pillows can be too long and unyielding, so you may want to consider using 3 standard pillows instead of 2 King Size for a King Size mattress. Some companies offer a Queen Size pillow which is often a happy medium between the other 2 sizes.

Sleep Position:
The position you normally sleep in is a major factor when deciding what pillow you want to purchase for yourself. Back sleepers normally need thinner pillows, while a side sleeper could use some extra support to keep their neck properly aligned. Contour type pillows work well for either situation. Stomach sleepers need to be careful not to get a pillow that is too thick, so they don't suffocate on the pillow.

If you prefer a very thin Pillow, Down or synthetic Down would work fairly well for you. If you prefer a supportive pillow, memory foam pillow or latex pillow would suit you well. Memory foam will react to your heat and the weight of your head and slowly conform around your head and neck to provide great support. Latex pillows are more bouncy than memory foam and bounce back faster. If you move around a lot, a latex pillow would be better for you than memory foam. Memory foam normally takes 30 to 60 seconds to go back to its natural shape and moving during that period could force you to wake up.

Pillows offer different levels of firmness. With a Down pillow you can get one that is very thick or very thin. Which you would choose is based on your preference and how you sleep. Memory Foam Pillows come in different shapes, firmnesses, and densities. For a pillow, 3 lb. density seems to work best. It is soft, yet supportive. Remember that we are talking about pillows and not a mattress. What is good enough to support your head is not necessarily best for your entire body. A contour pillow can be arranged to suit you no matter how you sleep. A comfort or standard shaped memory foam pillow is normally a memory foam shell with small clusters of memory foam inside. This is our favorite pillow due to its level of softness and conformity. A latex pillow is very supportive and conforms without a memory. That means that it will bounce back to its original shape immediately and works well for someone that moves around a lot.

The cover you would use for your pillow depends on the pillow itself. Memory foam pillows normally come with a removable, washable cover. A pillow case is not necessary when these covers are included and honestly the memory foam will react to a person faster if one is not used. Latex and standard type pillows should be covered by a pillow case to keep it from becoming stained. Make sure you keep the manufacturer's cleaning instructions in case your pillow gets dirty.

The Bottom Line:
With any type of bedding purchase, the bottom line is preference. You would be best off testing every pillow you can think of and deciding for yourself what you like. This guide should help to steer you in the right direction.

Monday, May 22, 2006


Orthopedic Pillow

Do you always feel pain in the lower portion of your back after sitting for long period? As we know, sitting for long period creates muscle tension. This muscle tension cause pain of your back, your shoulder and your neck also.

Orthopedic pillow may be solution for this problem. You can use back support pillow to reduce pain. Because back support pillow fill the natural gap between the lower spine and the chair on which you are sitting. So, it’s reduce muscle tension. Muscle become relax and you feel comfortable.
While neck support pillow can reduce muscle tension of your neck and shoulder area. It can help to reduce your severe neck and shoulder pain.

For both of us, sleep is a normal and natural activity. To relax and to rest our body after daily hard activity. But, do you know………for some people, to fall asleep is very very difficult. They must struggle to fall asleep!

Imagine………a simple activity become a big problem.

If this happen to you, I think it’s time for you to try memory foam pillow.
This memory foam pillow will assist you to get a good night sleep. This pillow will carefully align your body correctly in order to gain a quality sleep and dream pattern.

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